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There is no best kit. Look rather for the most suitable one for your application. We understand that customers have unique requirements. HEATPORT offers multiple kits that differ from the actual parts list of the included components to offer customers multiple options for the same model of the main heating unit. This helps to cover many different installations from the basic to the ultimate setups. By offering kits we have an answer for many scenarios requiring a more advanced set of parts of the highest quality for critical installations. Check the differences in the comparison charts below. Once you select the kit, the part list will be automatically generated at the bottom of the page, so you can review the complete list of parts you receive in the box. Select different kits and scroll down to compare the differences in part list.

30% OFF for any extra parts

We offer transparent pricing for all kits. It is calculated as the amount for all additional parts contained in the kit on top of the basic kit and then discounted by 30% ! The basic kit is the RV STARTER or STANDARD KIT. 

The 30% discount on the additional parts is applied only via the kits and also to all add-ons you add in the online configurator. You can save a significant amount of money picking the higher kit that contains the best selection of parts rather than purchasing these additional parts afterwards separately for full price.

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